Best african american hair products 


Anyone who was born with natural hair knows how complicated it is to maintain.

Type 4c hair naturally tends to be dry. It can also tend to break more easily than other hair types.

But when properly cared for in full health, it becomes a true godsend!

In order to have a flourishing Afro hair, it is necessary to take care of it properly.

There is a multitude of oils, creams and other serums on the market. So much so that you can easily get lost!

I suggest you to review the best products for natural hair. Enjoy your reading


Oils for afro hair, the natural complement

Moisturizing is essential for healthy hair. Whether applied as a mask or bath, oil counts for this among the best allies!

The benefits of oils for natural hair

In addition to the fact that a natural oil helps repair the hair, it also promotes its development and serves as a barrier against impurities and daily aggressions.

Not to mention that Afro hair is known to be fragile. Oils dilate the outer layer of hair fibers and allow moisture to penetrate deeply. Because of this, they are one of the best natural hair products for fine african-american hair.

See the best oils for natural hair.

In addition to being a treatment in their own right, they can also be applied as protection with before styling with a straightener or straightening brush.

What are the best oils for natural hair?

Here are the oils best suited for afro hair:

Coconut oil

It protects the hair and tones it deeply. Its high content of lauric acid makes it an oil particularly appreciated by natural hair. Its moisturizing power is ideal for type 4 hair.

Castor oil

Castor oil strengthens the hair and makes it shine. Its richness in vitamin E and fatty acids makes it a real ally in the protection of hair fibers, but also to stimulate hair growth.

Argan oil

Most often imported from Morocco, argan oil is a real concentrate of benefits for kinky hair.

It is rich in triglycerides and vitamin E, which helps strengthen hair fibers and fight against hair loss.

Amla oil

Still relatively unknown in the West, this oil repairs and nourishes the hair thanks to its composition rich in A, C and E and its antioxidants. Moreover, it facilitates detangling and prevents grey hair!

Creams and serums for moisturized Afro hair

Whether it is to moisturize, protect or detangle hair, the cream for nappy hair is an essential ally for hair type 4b or 4c.

A quality cream or balm helps maintain the vitality of hair fibers. It makes the hair easier to style without weighing it down.

The benefits of creams for natural hair

A care cream is essential to nourish and soften Afro hair. It repairs and strengthens the hair while ridding it of impurities.

In addition to bringing softness and shine, some of them participate in a better hair growth.

A day cream can also be recommended to discipline frizz.

What are the best creams for african-american hair?

Whether it’s to maintain a smooth finish, deeply moisturize or repair your hair, there are hair creams that are suitable.

The ranges for natural hair for a complete care

By nature very dry, very curly hair with low porosity needs regular and adapted care to reveal its full potential.

To keep it shiny and silky, it needs to be cared for with products from an adapted range such as shampoos, oils or specific creams.

These products are perfect if you are looking to stimulate the growth of your afro hair.

What are the best ranges for afro hair?

The best range for nappy hair is the one that respects a certain consistency between its products.

See the 6 best ranges for afro hair.

A pack usually focuses on a particular ingredient like shea butter, coconut or even Aloe Vera. The pack you choose should be related to your daily hair routine.

My list of ranges for type 4b / 4c hair consists of shampoos, conditioners and a mask to maintain a regular care.

Products for the growth of afro hair

One of the main challenges when you have natural hair is to gain length.

The hair fibers being rolled up on themselves, the hair tends to gain in volume but not in length.

In addition, the growth cycle of type 4c hair is shorter than others, so the hair ends up falling out without gaining satisfactory length.

The use of natural products for the growth of natural hair with little porosity is a very interesting alternative to counter this phenomenon.

The best products for the growth of afro hair

How to activate the growth of natural hair? Vast question… There are different types of products to promote the growth of afro hair.

Intended to stimulate growth while nourishing the scalp, oils are great allies for this. Essential oils of lemon, black pepper or rosemary are particularly effective. They are natural Afro hair products for hair lacking vitality.

The best dietary supplements for Afro hair are also an effective solution to stimulate the growth of type 4c hair. They must be consumed for several weeks before seeing visible results. They provide essential vitamins and minerals for good hair vitality.

Straightening products for natural hair

Styling natural hair is not an easy task. Straightening makes it easier once and for all.

Being naturally dry with very tight curls, it is essential to use the right straightening products for afro hair.

Fortunately, there are also natural products that can straighten hair while providing quality care.

If you want to change your look while caring for your hair, straightening is a great idea!

The best products for straightening natural hair

Straightening products differ in the method used.

The classic straightening with straightening products. This is the “historical” method used to straighten afro hair. It offers good results but can be a little aggressive for the hair fibers.

Japanese straightening. Perfectly adapted to type 4c hair, this technique modifies the structure of the hair and allows to keep the hair straight for an average of 6 months. Moreover, it respects the health of the hair.

Brazilian straightening. Based on keratin, it nourishes the hair fibers and makes them silky and shiny. It is undoubtedly one of the best products for straightening afro hair. This treatment is one of the best moisturizing products for type 4c hair.

What products should I use for natural hair?

In addition to being naturally dry, external factors such as humidity can cause frizz to appear and make a mess of afro hair.

To make your daily life easier, it’s important to use the right products for natural curly or natural hair.

Here is an example of a weekly formula you could use to boost your hair’s shine:

  • Moisturizing shampoo
  • A nourishing cream
  • A hair oil
  • A protective spray if you use a straightening iron
  • A silk pillowcase

The choice of adapted products and a few daily habits can already greatly improve the care for natural hair with little porosity. Moreover, some products combine several advantages, so a styling lotion can also help moisturize.

Products for Afro-Caribbean or African hair will quickly benefit from these good habits.

What is the most effective product for hair?

While it is true that some products, such as oils or gel, quickly demonstrate their effectiveness, others, such as hair supplements, require a longer treatment to see their full effect.

It really depends on your hair type and your needs. It is also important to note that the price of a product does not necessarily reflect its effectiveness on your hair, it depends specifically on your hair type.

If you are looking for the best product for hair growth, or for brittle hair, you will be faced with radically different choices!

For example, if you’re looking for the best hair product for dry natural hair, a coconut oil or moisturizing cream might be right for you.

You should first assess the needs of your hair and scalp. Does it have a strong tendency to dehydrate as is often the case with natural hair? Or does it tend to break easily?

How to make Afro hair more supple?

Dehydrated, dry and lacking in volume hair is often the symptom of a poorly nourished hair fiber.

Afro hair is naturally supple when it is in good health. It is therefore necessary to pamper it as much as possible!

Here are some habits to take to make natural hair more supple:

  • Take regular oil baths. Castor oil and jojoba oil are excellent hair supplements.
  • Do African braids. By stretching the hair, this type of hairstyle allows to soften it in a natural way
  • Air dry your hair
  • Use a heated brush. However, use it with care and if your hair is not too dry beforehand
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