How to make your hair look like you just came from the salon ?


What could be more beautiful than having your hair shine like it just came out of the hair salon?

You feel like a real movie star! Even an ordinary activity, like shopping, looks like a photo shoot.

The only problem is that not everyone can afford a visit to their favorite hairdresser every day…

The good news is that there are homemade ways to make your hair shine like you just left the salon.

I’ve got 11 quick and easy tricks to get shiny hair without leaving your house !


How to have shiny hair like you just left the hairdresser’s?

Here are the methods you can use to get your hair shiny like at the hairdresser:

  1. Do a nourishing treatment at the salon or at home
  2. Use a brush adapted to the texture of your hair
  3. Finish your shower with warm or cold water
  4. Apply a moisturizing mask
  5. Pay special attention to your scalp
  6. Adopt an oil treatment for your hair
  7. Brush your hair daily with a boar bristle brush
  8. Adopt a silk pillowcase
  9. Gently blow dry your hair
  10. Use only hair-friendly styling tools
  11. Eat a balanced diet

1. A shine treatment at the salon or at home

Nourishing shine treatments are one of the best ways to not only maintain hair color, but also to increase shine between visits to the hairdresser.

If you’re a fan of natural treatments, tannin straightening for natural hair is an excellent salon treatment.

How does a tannin smoothing work.

If you don’t have time to go to the salon, you can always book a treatment yourself at home. You’ll quickly realize that doing a hair treatment like a hairdresser is not rocket science.

Most do-it-yourself treatments only take a few minutes and are as easy to apply as any other nourishing hair mask!

2. Choose a brush that matches your hair texture

There’s nothing worse than using the wrong brush for your hair texture!

If you have very thick hair and you try to brush your strands with a metal brush, you’re in for a big disappointment…

To be on the safe side, choose ceramic brushes, boar bristles and ionic brushes. These are the most respectful of the scalp.

In addition, heated straightening brushes are very effective in making hair silky and shiny.

Discover my article: do straightening brushes work ?

3. Finish your shower with warm or cold water

Did you know that cold water can increase your hair’s shine until your next visit to the salon?

I’m not reinventing hot water with this tip, but it would be a shame to go without!

Switching to cold water at the end of your shower helps keep your hair shiny longer.

Explanations: hot water opens the hair cuticles to improve the absorption of nutrients from nourishing products. Cold water closes the cuticles to lock in those same nutrients.

To get the most out of this tip, spend the last 30 seconds to 1 minute of your shower with cold water, your hair will thank you!

4. Apply a moisturizing mask

Moisturizing hair masks are modern hair care wonders.

They can not only give your hair incredible shine, but also the strength and elasticity it needs.

If your hair is dry and brittle, it may be worth investing in a hydrating hair mask. Your hair will shine with pleasure! Be sure to check out my article on how to stop hair breakage in black hair for more tips on this topic.

The method couldn’t be simpler: apply the mask all over your hair, especially on the length, and leave it on for 25 minutes. Then shampoo and condition as usual.

Try this tip at least once a week for quick results and hair that looks like it’s been done!

5. Focus on the scalp

The last few years have seen a convergence between hair care and skin care.

This is especially true for scalp care (which is also skin after all!).

Ingredients that were previously reserved for our face are now being used for our hair.

One example is shampoos rich in hyaluronic acid. They effectively moisturize and shine the hair for 24 hours.

6. Try a hair oil treatment

In addition to being shinier, well-moisturized hair naturally has a much better overall shape.

Applying a hair oil is the fastest way to increase scalp moisture. It is considered by many to be the best product for natural, curly or straight hair.

The oil closes the cuticle, which allows for better light reflection. If you have never tried any type of hair care, start with a small amount.

Keep in mind that using too much can have a detrimental effect on the hair.

Especially if you have fine hair. Hair can become greasy and dry more quickly if you overuse hair oil.

I recommend a rhythm of 1 to 3 times a week. This is more than enough for regular care.

7. Brush your hair daily with a boar bristle brush

The sebaceous glands produce natural oils that naturally smooth the scalp.

Use a boar bristle brush daily to evenly distribute the oil from the scalp to the ends.

This type of brush closes the cuticle of the hair and makes it shine. It also effectively eliminates frizz.

Each hair type requires a brush with specific characteristics. kinky and fine hair are no exception. I invite you to consult my article on the best type of round brush for fine hair if it can help you pamper your hair fibers.

8. Get a silk pillowcase

Have you ever gotten out of bed with strange lines on your face and your hair noticeably less shiny than the night before?

There’s a reason Disney princesses sleep on silk pillowcases! This soft and silky material helps to maintain a better level of natural shine in the hair.

It reduces friction on the hair, leaving it looking smooth and healthy the next morning.

9. Gently dry your hair

Blow-drying may save time, but it can be very damaging to your hair. How can you make your hair shiny by roughing it up every time you dry it?

Hair fibers are particularly sensitive when wet. So, simply place the towel on your head and press it towards the tip to drain it without damaging it.

By doing so, your hair will be smoother and shinier.

10. Use only hair-friendly styling tools

Using thin metal elastics or cheap hairbrushes can damage your hair in the long run.

You can end up with brittle or dull hair. This can be problematic if you want to blow-dry your hair with a straightener like at the hairdresser.

I recommend using a soft elastic that respects the hair as well as a soft hairbrush that relaxes and protects it from unnecessary damage.

11. Make sure you eat a balanced diet

In addition to the right equipment and care, your hair also needs healthy food and vitamins and minerals.

These essential elements are found in foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables.

Be sure to include foods rich in B vitamins in your diet. They are found in eggs, oatmeal and milk.

Bonus: four clever home remedies to make your hair shine

In addition to proper hair care products, there are also a few home tricks that will help you get shiny hair:

1. Acid rinse

This is a little-known but devilishly effective grandma’s recipe. Vinegar conditioner, also known as acid conditioner, is great for restoring shine to hair!

All about cider vinegar for natural hair.

The reason: after shampooing, the cuticle layer of the hair becomes rough. The cold vinegar water restores the hair’s suppleness. The hair becomes smooth and shiny.

Here is how to proceed: Mix 2 tablespoons of cider vinegar in a bottle with 1 liter of cold water. Apply an acidic conditioner to your hair after washing it.

No need to rinse again. As soon as your hair dries, the vinegar smell will disappear!

2. Olive oil

Another hair care tip that adds shine to your hair is the olive oil treatment. Choose an organic olive oil that specializes in hair treatment.

This miracle product penetrates the hair and moisturizes it from within. Apply a little olive oil and leave it on overnight. For more tips on moisturizing natural hair, I refer you to my article on how to moisturize natural hair daily.

After the set time, rinse the hair with warm water and wash it with a mild shampoo.

Result: ultra shiny and very soft hair naturally!

3. Green tea

Green tea is also a home remedy for beautiful, shiny hair. It contains valuable ingredients like potassium and zinc that help repair and maintain healthy hair.

Green tea also contains antioxidants that help keep hair in good shape for longer.

4. Rinse your hair with mineral water

The water in our taps often contains too much limescale. We unmask this intruder when it settles in the shower or at the bottom of the kettle… It does the same for your hair!

So how can you have beautiful, smooth, shiny hair despite this enemy?

You can rinse it with filtered mineral water after washing.

This will remove lime deposits and give you naturally smooth and shiny hair.

You’re all set to get hair that’s as smooth and shiny as the hairdresser’s!

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