How to blow dry hair with a straightener ?


You may think that no one else can do a better blowout than your regular hairdresser.

However, you don’t have to be an experienced hairstylist to achieve a top-notch blowout with a hair straightener.

All you need is a straightening iron and a few steps, and you’re done!

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Styling with a straightening iron: Some preliminary tips

In order to achieve the perfect blowout, it’s essential to do things in order.

Your hair must be well prepared. Pay special attention to your hair after shampooing if you want to prevent it from curling when it’s wet.

Moisturize regularly and don’t hesitate to use vegetable oil. Coconut oil and jojoba oil are particularly effective for wavy and curly hair.

It’s also a good idea to treat your mane to a weekly oil bath or mask. After using the straightener, you can apply a moisturizing serum or a protective veil to protect the ends.

We can’t stress this enough: if possible, make sure you don’t use straightening irons too often. Daily use can lead to hair damage.

How do I blow dry my hair gently?

After shampooing with a hair-friendly product, wring it out with a dry towel.

This pre-drying step is important to avoid damaging the hair fibers later on due to the high temperature.

You can treat the lengths with a special blow-drying product.

Next, comb your hair and place your parting wherever you want.

Then dry your hair with a hair dryer. If you want a good, decent volume, you can put your head upside down to release the roots.

When your hair is dry or still a little damp, the straightening can begin!

Choosing a high-end straightener is a no-brainer. If you’re wondering how to get your hair to stay straight all day, a straightener that’s as good as a professional straightener is ideal.

Divide your hair into top and bottom sections, as well as front and back.

Then use alligator clips to lift the top.

Release the strands with the nape of the neck and the sides. It’s important to use the same size strands for an even look.

Start by straightening the first section with a wide sweep to loosen the roots.

Repeat for the remaining sections, then do the same for the top section. One stroke is all you need, or you risk burning the hair fibers.

How do I get a wavy blowout?

Wavy hairstyles are especially popular on sunny days.

The wavy blowout, also known as the “American style”, is ideal for adding movement to flat hair. It is suitable for both long and short hair.

It’s more complicated than the straight version, but with a good appliance you can easily create beautiful waves. If you have naturally curly hair, note that it is essential to use the best straightener for curly hair possible. The quality of the equipment plays a major role in achieving a good result.

Pre-dry and blow dry your hair as before. Also divide your hair into different sections.

Then, remove the hair first and turn the straightener slightly inward to create a wavy effect.

Do the same for all the hair. You can then run your hands through your hair to give it a natural, messy look. Finally, use a setting spray.

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