How to make hair smoothening last longer ? 11 Tips


Having perfectly straight hair for as long as possible is a real challenge, especially when you have to fight against so many enemies!

Humidity, rain, wind, even the pillow plays tricks on us…

To extend the life of your straight hair, you just need to follow a few tips and use the right products. Check out my 11 tips to make a straightening last as long as possible !


1. Invest in a good ionic hair dryer

One of the only reasons why hair salons only offer blow-drying is that very few of us have a good quality hair dryer at home.

While the ionic system may sound like a difficult technology to master, it’s not. Choose appliances with this technology to give yourself the best chance of success.

By forgoing the use of a traditional hair dryer, you’ll avoid damaging your hair over the long term.

Instead of evaporating the water molecules like a conventional hair dryer does, the ionic hair dryer simply separates them and at the same time maintains the moisture of natural hair or any other type of hair.

Another advantage of this accessory is that it is faster and more efficient, which saves precious time. If you use the hair dryer regularly, it is worth investing in an ionic dryer.

2. How to make your straightening last longer with the right straightener

Different straighteners are needed for each hair texture.

It is essential to know your hair type in order to choose the right straightener that will give you long-lasting straightening.

This step is especially important if you have curly hair type 4a or 4c.

The material of the appliance, the size of the plates and the temperature are all elements to consider before selecting the right straightener.

The wrong choice of straightener or the wrong settings can lead to wasted time, frustration or worse, damage to your hair!

To best choose your device, feel free to check out my comparison of the best hair straightener for natural african american hair.

3. Use a boar bristle brush

Recommended by many experts, the boar bristle brush is suitable for all hair types.

Boar bristles have a smoothing effect and help distribute sebum evenly along the hair fibers. Used regularly, it ensures a long-lasting shine and silky effect.

To learn more, please read my article on the benefits of the boar bristle hairbrush.

Although sebum can make hair look greasy when it’s not properly cared for, it is a natural and very nourishing element that keeps hair healthy.

Made up of keratin, this brush naturally nourishes the hair and gives it greater strength and elasticity.

If you want to boost the health of your hair even more, putting oil after a Brazilian or tannin straightening can also be a great idea.

Can you use coconut oil after a keratin treatment ?

Also, in addition to helping your straightening last all day and beyond, this type of brush is very durable, unlike composite brush models.

4. Get a satin pillowcase

Rubbing your hair on your pillow is one of the worst enemies of straightening.

So how do you make your straightening last through the night? The satin pillowcase offers an ideal solution.

The choice of a silk pillowcase has many advantages on the skin, the hair but also on the quality of sleep.

As far as hair is concerned, this material considerably reduces friction during the night. The result when you wake up: much less frizz and knots! This saves you a lot of time when you get ready in the morning.

To further pamper your hair, whether nappy or otherwise, don’t hesitate to massage your scalp for a few minutes. This will help it grow properly and make it stronger.

5. Take care of your roots

To avoid making them greasy, avoid putting the heat protector on your roots.

When straightening, start by straightening about 3 cm from the roots. This will keep your hair full and not look too flat.

If you use a conditioner before straightening, avoid applying it to the roots. This tends to make the hair greasy.

If you want to revitalize your roots, you can take advantage of the benefits of flaxseed oil on natural hair.

apply an energizing treatment such as flaxseed gel for kinky, straight or curly hair.

After that, don’t hesitate to apply a natural treatment to energize the rest of your hair as well. Coconut oil for natural hair is an excellent ally in this regard.

6. Use a heat protection spray

Straightening hair with a hair straightener produces a lot of heat. A heat protection spray is the best ally in the straightening process.

In addition to protecting against heat damage, heat protection spray makes styling easier, nourishes the scalp and extends the straightening time.

To get the most out of the spray, make sure you apply it evenly to the entire surface of dry hair. A reasonable amount is enough as long as it covers all of your hair.

7. Avoid washing your hair too often

You may have already wondered how to make your straightening last several days naturally. Shampooing frequency is an important consideration.

It’s no secret that daily shampooing does more harm than good.

If you use straightening products, washing too often results in them being removed more quickly.

Therefore, to keep your hair straight for as long as possible, it’s best not to wash more than three times a week.

For natural hair, which produces less sebum than other types, one or two washes per week with specific care products will help to respect the hair.

8. Set the hair dryer to cold air

This is a little-known method that has proven its worth: using a hair dryer on “cold air” mode coupled with a wide brush allows for smoothing without the risk of damaging the hair.

Remember to hold the dryer over the strands and dry the hair in small portions.

Before further improving the result, it can be interesting to use a shampoo with smoothing effect as well as an anti-frizz serum.

9. Point the dryer down away from your roots

When drying your hair, point the dryer down and away from your roots. This allows the hair to dry straight and reduces frizz.

When drying your hair, use a brush or comb to direct it.

To save time, feel free to use a heated straightening brush. The straightening brush is effective in adding volume to hair. It is also less aggressive than a straightener for the hair fibers.

Discover my article: do hair straightening brushes work ?

You shouldn’t need to use a straightener after this, as your hair should be smooth enough.

10. Use hairspray to set the hair

After straightening, get a flat brush, preferably one made of boar bristles. Spray it with hairspray before brushing your hair with it. This will set the straightening without giving a cardboard effect.

You can also apply a straightening serum to your hair in the morning. Warm the serum between your hands and apply it evenly. This small daily gesture will keep your hair smooth for longer, especially in the case of afro hair and will give it a new freshness.

11. Choose the right shampoo

Choosing the right shampoo is essential when you want to prolong the results of your straightening. Make sure it is salt-free and pH-neutral.

If you are looking for a safe and inexpensive shampoo, I recommend buying a baby shampoo.

Keratin shampoo is also a good idea. This protein is commonly used in permanent hair straightening, and for good reason, it helps make hair more flexible and easier to style.

For more details on this subject, consult my post on can i use dry shampoo after keratin treatment.

To make your straightening last long in summary

To make a perfect straightening that lasts, you can apply the following tips:

  • Invest in an ionic hair dryer
  • Use a straightener appropriate to your hair type
  • Use a boar bristle brush
  • Sleep on a satin pillowcase
  • Care for your roots
  • Use a heat protection product
  • Don’t wash your hair too often
  • Set your hair dryer on cold air
  • Point the hair dryer down away from the roots
  • Use hairspray to set the hair
  • Choose the right shampoo

The answer ultimately lies in a set of good habits and the use of appropriate products. It is these good practices applied daily that will bring you the greatest benefits.

One last piece of advice if you’re still wondering how to get straight hair when it’s curly, don’t try to go straight for perfection, test new solutions little by little and see what happens.

And don’t forget that every hair type reacts differently to the same treatments.

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