My opinion on tannin smoothing for afro hair


Tired of spending hours with your straightener to tame your afro hair in the morning?

Tannin smoothing could well save you!

This method, also known as tanninoplasty, needs no introduction.

But how effective is tannin straightening really on afro hair? I give you my opinion in this article.


What is tannin smoothing ?

Tannin straightening is a type of permanent and natural straightening that uses plant proteins called tannins. This treatment deeply repairs and moisturises the hair and makes it stronger for everyday use. The effect of a tannin treatment lasts on average 3 to 6 months.

Tannin smoothing is a completely natural treatment that promises to straighten and heal the hair at the same time.

The interest of this method lies in its long-lasting effects and the healthy and silky appearance offered to the hair.

The application time for tannin straightening is 20 to 50 minutes. The thicker the hair, the longer the time should be.

Once treated with tannin, you can enjoy smooth hair for 3 to 6 months, which sounds pretty great! The effect gradually fades until you find it necessary to repeat the process.

Tannins come from grapes. They are obtained in a purely natural way and have been used for a long time in areas other than hair care. So this is a truly natural product!

More and more salons are offering this technique, which is suitable for 4c hair as well as for all hair types.

The advantages of taninoplasty on afro hair

Following a taninoplasty, no more endless straightening sessions! After each shampoo, the hair can be immediately straightened with a hair dryer or the best flat iron for fine african american hair.

This treatment works equally well for Afro hair and very curly hair and saves a lot of time when styling.

The hair becomes soft, supple and silky, and the effect is guaranteed to last.

Other advantages of tannin straightening:

  • Naturally smoothes hair while maintaining its volume
  • A 100% natural treatment
  • Provides complete hydration and repair of the hair
  • Makes the hair more resistant to everyday stresses
  • Structured hair fibre that is easy to style
  • In addition to smoothing the hair, tanninoplasty on nappy or very curly hair is a real treatment. It allows for deep and long-lasting repair!

Tannin smoothing on nappy hair, generally positive opinions

Because of its many advantages, it is not surprising that tannin straightening has been the talk of the town in recent years.

The most frequently mentioned positive points:

The revitalising effect is visible from the first day of treatment
The hair fibres are permanently strengthened
Hair is silkier and shinier than ever
Saves precious time in everyday life. Just comb through and you’re ready for the day!
Reputedly the most difficult to straighten, the before and after straightening with tannin on afro hair is really visible. It benefits fully and lastingly from the treatment.

To be completely complete on the subject, tannin straightening also gets negative reviews. Rest assured, there are not many of them!

The disadvantages of tannin straightening :

If you are a colour fan, consider straightening with tannin before applying the colour. The treatment could disrupt the colouring process
Following tanninoplasty, you will notice a loss of volume. Rest assured, this is only temporary! This effect only lasts during the activation phase of the treatment. Afterwards, your hair will quickly regain the shape you want it to have.
After tannin smoothing, the hair growth will cause a difference between the roots and the lengths of the hair. This discrepancy can be corrected with a quick touch-up applied only to the roots
In spite of these few drawbacks, opinions on tannin straightening for short or long afro hair are generally very good. It must be said that its speed and long duration of action make it a particularly attractive treatment.

What products are needed for tannin straightening?

Do you want to have a tannin straightening at home? The first thing to do is to select the right products.

The most popular product ranges for tanninoplasty :

  • The Salvatore tannin smoothing kit. This is THE reference in tannin smoothing. It is distinguished by its composition, which is free of all preservatives and harmful chemical derivatives. It is a real treatment adapted to all hair types.
  • The Sharmel Phytoplastie tannin smoothing kit. Enriched with polyphenols, a powerful antioxidant, this kit gives the hair strength, shine and suppleness.
  • Omnia Tannin Smoothing Kit. The strong point of this product is its keratin content, which makes the smoothing effect last even longer. It is free of formaldehyde and chemical by-products and is used in many hair salons.
  • Smoothing with tannin can be done on your own or with a friend without much difficulty. However, if you are unsure about your choice or how to proceed, don’t hesitate to ask your favourite hairdresser for advice!

What is the best straightener for kinky hair ?

Do you want to straighten your hair permanently? We have seen that there are many advantages to tannin straightening, but there are other smoothing methods with their own advantages and disadvantages.

Type 4 hair is demanding and difficult to discipline, so what is the best straightening method for afro hair?

Chemical straightening

Used for decades, this is the “classic” method for straightening hair of all types. Straightening consists of breaking the curl of the hair fibres using chemical products.

This technique has long been favoured for kinky hair. Chemical straightening attacks the hair in depth and can make it fragile. It can tend to dry out and lose its strength.

Although this method has been proven to be effective, it carries risks that can now be avoided by other methods.

Keratin straightening

Also known as Brazilian smoothing, this 100% natural method is particularly suitable for fine hair, i.e. Afro hair!

Keratin straightening is above all a deep treatment that makes the hair more supple without stiffening it. The effect lasts for about 3 to 6 months.

By adding extra keratin to the fibre, it effectively eliminates frizz and makes the hair soft and shiny.

Having trouble deciding between keratin and tannin straightening? Check out my article on the differences between tannin and Brazilian smoothing.

Japanese straightening

Unlike Brazilian straightening, Japanese straightening uses protein products that are not natural for the hair.

However, the smoothing effect is longer with an average duration of action of 4 to 7 months.

This method can be used to straighten any type of hair. Japanese hair straightening on black hair offers good results. However, it should be avoided for damaged hair.

Note that Japanese straightening should be avoided by pregnant women and children.

Does tannin straightening damage the hair?

On the contrary! Tannin smoothing is an entirely natural method that nourishes the hair in depth.

It restores vitality to hair fibres damaged by excessive use of hair dryers, straighteners or chemical treatments.

In addition, it offers long-lasting protection against everyday aggressions such as pollution.

Before taking the plunge, however, be sure to choose quality products if you are doing it alone, or choose a salon you can trust! The quality of the straightening requires know-how and quality products for an optimal effect.

How does the hair look after a tannin straightening?

The benefits of a tannin plasty restore the hair’s strength.

By restructuring the hair fibres, the tannins give it a unique suppleness and shine.

Healthy and natural, tannin straightening also improves the hair’s moisture content. You will notice immediately after the treatment that your hair is healthier.

As this method is primarily a treatment, it is understandable that it is not only attractive to women with natural or curly hair. Even naturally straight hair can benefit greatly.

How long does tannin smoothing last?

When done correctly, tanninoplasty lasts approximately 3-6 months.

This is simply the average time for the hair growth to gradually wear off. Since the new hair has not undergone the treatment, it will naturally appear curly or afro depending on your hair type.

It is possible to extend the duration of the straightening. Salons that offer this treatment often sell shampoos and masks specially designed to maintain the straightening effect for longer.

For more on this, see my article on choosing the right shampoo after a tanino hair treatment.

The length of time also depends on how fast your hair usually grows.

Keep in mind that you can repeat a tannin straightening as many times as necessary as it is safe for the hair. Touch-ups can be used to maintain the consistency of the straightening.

If you’re looking for homemade tips on how to extend the treatment, check out my article on how to make your smoothing last naturally.

Which straightening method is less damaging to the hair?

The different straightening methods available in salons or DIY are more or less invasive to the hair.

For a long time, purely chemical smoothing methods were favoured for their effectiveness despite their harmful effects on hair health.

Fortunately, there are now treatments that are much more respectful of the hair and are just as effective. Natural straightening is obviously to be preferred.

Based on this observation, tannin smoothing and Brazilian keratin straightening are probably the most hair-friendly methods.

Other non-chemical straightening methods include Luxter straightening, which has only recently been introduced. It is based on vegetable collagen and not keratin. This smoothing lasts as long as Brazilian straightening and is a hair treatment.

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