Which shampoo to use after a tanino hair treatment ?


A taninoplasty is not a trivial operation, it implies afterwards to maintain the hair with care.

And let’s not hide it, considering the cost of a tannin straightening, we might as well prolong the effect as long as possible!

To do this, you need to wash your hair with the right products to keep your hair smooth and healthy.

Let’s see what precautions to take to care for your hair and keep it smooth as silk.


What shampoo after a tanino hair treatment ?

After a taninoplasty, it is advisable to use a shampoo without sulfates as well as shampoos with neutral pH. The shampoos with castor oil and sunflower oil are also recommended. They help prolong the shine and softness provided by tanninoplasty.

Choose sulfate-free shampoos for tanino therapy

This component is a salt present in many shampoos because it increases the foaming effect. Unfortunately, it also tends to curl the hair!

So if you want to keep your hair smooth, banish sulfates.

Choose shampoos with a neutral pH

Products with a neutral pH are generally less aggressive to the hair and scalp.

In general, avoid shampoos that promise a deep wash. These are very effective at removing impurities, but they run the risk of damaging the tannin treatment.

If you have naturally dry hair, such as frizzy hair, there are shampoos that are sulfate-free and pH balanced.

Castor oil shampoo

In addition to promoting growth, castor oil prevents breakage and provides shine and softness.

In addition, it has natural anti-inflammatory effects that help soothe the scalp.

👉🏾 Discover the benefits of castor oil for natural hair.

Finally, using a castor oil shampoo provides deep hydration to the hair, resulting in a better long term hold of the tanino hair straightening. This makes it one of the best hair care products for naturally curly hair.

Sunflower oil shampoo

Yes, the use of this oil is not limited to the preparation of good dishes!

It contains large quantities of essential vitamins. The hair benefits in particular from vitamin E, which boosts the blood circulation of the scalp, thus promoting growth.

It is often recommended to use a sunflower oil shampoo in winter because it is during this period that the hair is often subject to dryness.

When to wash the hair after a tanino smoothing therapy ?

After a Tanino hair smoothing treatment, it is important to give the tannins time to fully integrate into the hair fibers.

This is why it is recommended to wait at least 3 days before wetting the hair.

This implies of course to be careful in your shower, but also to protect them from the rain.

In order to let the tannins incorporate into the hair evenly, it is also important to leave your hair loose for the first 3 days.

You can then use a shampoo to maintain your taninoplasty with peace of mind!

Which shampoo before a taninoplastia Hair Treatment ?

It is important to have hair in the best condition before receiving a tannin straightening treatment.

Rest assured, you don’t have to do anything special beforehand at home. Shampooing is done at the hair salon.

As a pre-treatment, the expert usually uses a clarifying shampoo several times. This prepares the hair for the treatment and makes the straightening last.

After shampooing and rinsing, the application of the tannin product can begin.

How to maintain your tanino treatment at home?

The most important thing to keep the effects of tanino treatment as long as possible is to keep your hair moisturized.To do this, don’t hesitate to treat your hair with the right oils. Coconut and castor oils are among the most recommended for keeping hair in great shape.

The benefits of jojoba oil on natural hair also make it a great ally in the fight against dry and brittle hair.

If you want more tips on how to maintain your hair straightening, check out my homemade tips on how to make hair smoothening last longer !

Can I use a flat iron after a tanino hair smoothing treatment ?

The average duration of a tannin straightening is around 6 months.

When the effect of the tannins fades, it is possible to use a flat iron on your hair.

This will reactivate the properties of the tannin and give you a smooth style. However, always take the precaution of protecting your hair with a heat shield before straightening.

Which shampoo after a taninoplasty ? In summary

Following a taninoplasty, the following shampoos are to be preferred:

  • Shampoos without sulfates
  • Shampoos with neutral pH
  • Castor oil shampoos
  • Sunflower oil shampoos

These shampoos allow the benefits of taninoplastia hair treatment to last longer.

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